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Jessica Fiuza
Nurse, Brazil/USA

"Hi Steve, I would like to thank you for helping me get the TOEFL score I needed. Before we started our classes, I thought I wouldn't be able to score because of my English level. But you not only... Read More

Alexander Brade
Senior Research Assistant, Germany

"Thanks to Steve and his hard work I finally got 109 TOEFL-points (29 reading, 29 listening, 26 speaking, 25 writing). That’s what I needed to get admitted to Harvard Law School. This is a dream... Read More

Andreia Lourenço
MSD, Brazil

"Steve is more than a teacher, when you take classes with him, you realize how sensitive he is to your weakness. Steve guided me to achieve my self-confidence on my speeches. I'm still on my... Read More

Elena Gundartseva
Engineer/ Website Designer, Switzerland

"I’ve been having lessons with Steve for 2 years.
I really enjoy the creativity, activities, interesting topics, and to be able to speak about things which I need for my job and life.
I am more... Read More

"Before contacting Steve, I would have never dared to speak English. The fact that he speaks many languages encouraged me to get in touch with him.
I have been studying with Steve since 2012. I... Read More

Katia Jensen

"Hey Steve! I got my TOEFL results today! I got 103. Reading 26, Listening 28, Speaking 26 and Writing 23. I feel very relieved! I would like to thank you very much for all the great help, tutoring... Read More

"When CSR Technology Inc. employees from India, Russia, Israel, Korea, China and Eastern Europe sought assistance in improving English pronunciation, the company engaged with Steve Ford based on the... Read More

"I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Steve for guiding me through TOEFL testing process, I registered for the TOEFL test prior to starting my prep, had only 3.5 weeks for preparation. During... Read More

Isabella Perego
Milan, Italy

"As soon as I’d decided to study abroad, I was told that I needed to take the TOEFL and get a certain score. I was really worried since I didn't have much time to get prepared and I knew very... Read More

Mariam Israelyan

“O Captain, my Captain” (a famous phrase from the amazing film “Dead Poets Society”) is what I said to Steve when we finished our lessons. The phrase is full of gratitude to one of the best... Read More

Andrey Protasov
Moscow, Russia

“Some friends of mine here in Moscow had recommended Steve as a TOEFL teacher. I only had a few weeks to prepare and knew that I needed someone I could trust to give me tips that I could really use... Read More

Albert Shitts
Moscow, Russia

“I want to thank Steve! You are really a good teacher and cool guy! I began taking lessons with Steve in order to improve my listening and speaking skills and be ready for my English exam at... Read More

São Paulo, Brazil

“Steve Ford, it was a long journey since we started preparing for the TOEFL test. Finally, we arrived at the final destination: the marks that I needed. I can’t get tired of shouting over and... Read More

Rogerio Santos
São Paulo, Brazil

“I have been studying English for a long time and need it for both my job and studies. To ensure my acceptance to the MBA program at MIT, I knew it was essential for me to get the highest TOEFL... Read More

Ruben Bagramian
BA/MBA, Ukraine/USA

“I’ve been studying English most of my life. Therefore, I decided to prepare for the TOEFL on my own and just go for it. I took a test and did not get the score I needed. After this I realized... Read More

Irina Smurova
BA, MA in Science , Russia

“I have been studying English for 16 years on and off but my writing, speaking and reading skills were far from fluent. Since having good English skills is very important, I needed to do something.... Read More

Mikhail Norshteyn
Applied Mathematics Student, Russia

“I want to thank Steve for great lessons! He really helps to achieve success. I took local English courses to prepare for TOEFL ibt courses. After taking them, my score was only 83; it was not... Read More

“There is always room for improvement. I’ve been in the United States for 16 years. I am still pushing to speak as native as possible. Being a working mom in the Silicon Valley, I can’t afford... Read More

Suzana Maranhão

“When I decided to take a course abroad, I knew that I’d have to study a lot and in a short period of time so that I could improve my English and take the TOEFL test. Besides doing a regular... Read More

Denis Kimura
Pilot , Brazil-Japan

“Because of my work, I didn´t have time to attend a regular English school and I started to take a look for online courses, either in websites or on youtube. And then, I found the Peppy videos and... Read More

Florian Vogt
MBA , Germany

“My success with my TOEFL exam happened in a very short period of time. Firstly, I took on the challenge of applying to the University of Southern California. Secondly, I needed to find a way to... Read More

“I found Steve by watching Peppy lessons on Youtube. I was so impressed by his unconventional way of teaching that I decided to become a one-to-one student. It was a fantastic Choice! I’ve... Read More

Anne-Marie Coquillard
Retired Teacher, France

“After about three years of lessons in France, I was happy to test my skills during my stay in London. It was such a disappointment! I could just pick up a word from time to time and talk in bits... Read More

Sandro Gori
President of Toscana Casa S.r.l., Florence, Italy

“I was frustrated to speak English just with businessmen and talk always about the same matters; my English was too basic and monotonous.

So in November 2009 I typed “English conversation”... Read More

Daria Minorova
B.A., Moscow, Russia

“As soon as I saw Steve on Youtube, I realized that he was the one who could help me to fill some of the gaps in my knowledge of English.

It is well-known that if we want to reach a better... Read More

Paul Roch
President of Paul Roch Inc., Klostereneuburg, Austria

“When I contacted Steve, I had very little time. I saw one of his videos on Youtube and I decided to take some classes with him just one week before my TOEFL test.

He gave me a lot of tips for... Read More

“I’m from Italy and I studied English for many years. Therefore it was very frustrating to realize, when it came to talking to native speakers, that I was still unable to express myself as I... Read More

“If you want to improve your English language skills there is nobody better than Steve. He is funny, motivating, smart and has a very ample view of the most diverse matters and views involving... Read More

Dr. Gisele Martins
PhD, Head Professor of Nursing, Brazil

“I´ve been studying English for a quite a few years and as the time goes by I feel that it´s important to improve my English more and more… I say it because I´m a University Professor at one... Read More

Lawyer, Moscow, Russia / New York, USA

“I tried a lot of preparation courses for the TOEFL ibt, but all of them were just a waste of my money. I did not notice any improvements. That is why I started to search for a private native... Read More

IT Specialist, Russia-Belgium

“I was trying to learn English for some years. I attended different courses and learned on my own. I had reached some success, but it didn’t satisfy me. I could read books and knew several... Read More

Luis Sanchez Louzao
Dentist, La Coruña, Spain

“My conversation classes with Steve over these past months have helped me a lot with my spoken English. I feel much more confident speaking English with others both online and in person.

I look... Read More

Erika Visconti
Executive Sales Rep., Brazil / Holland

“I first found Steve when I watched his Peppy Video “Steve in Brazil”.

Since I work in Sales for a company Holland, English is a must. So I decided to take classes with Steve.

I really... Read More

“Steve has helped me to improve my speaking skills and raise my self-confidence dramatically! Now I am sure I can reach a high level in English!”

Osama Al-Khuraiji
Contractor/Sales, M.A. NYU, Saudi Arabia

“I started taking classes with Steve since August 2008. Steve is flexible, open and punctual. He has excellent material and has what it takes to keep advanced English learners motivated.

Steve... Read More

Lilian Yabiku
Designer, Japan

“To learn with Steve Ford is so easy and interesting since we learn English while we are actually having fun.”

CEO /Tekmedia, Turkey

“I am from Turkey. I had studied English before Steve’s private English classes but I hadn’t improved enough. These days I have enough self-confidence about my English.

If you don’t have... Read More

SAP/Accounting Gemini Inc., Toronto, Canada

“A few months ago, I was looking for some video-classes on the Internet and I came across Steve’s TOEFL Talk video 5. When I saw this video, I found what I was looking for: clear pronunciation... Read More

Executive Secretary, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

“I have been studying English for a long time, but I was ashamed when I needed to talk with someone, always insecure. One day I was looking for an online course on the Internet and I saw Steve’s... Read More

Pharmacist, Egypt-USA

“I had a really bad experience with the TOEFL ibt because I wanted a really high score of 26 in the speaking section and I took the test THIRTEEN times.

Finally, I heard about Steve Ford’s... Read More

MBA San Francisco University, Ukraine/USA

“I needed to apply to the MBA program in San Francisco and I didn’t know if I could do it. After I found Steve’s videos on YouTube, I took 10 classes with him and I got more than the score I... Read More

UBC Student, China / Canada

“After Steve’s Test Prep. course I got the score I needed to get into University in Canada. I should mention that I had tried doing the test 4 times before I found him online. Thank you so much... Read More

MA Pennsylvania University, USA

“I did not have too much time to study for the TOEFL and was really scared about how I would do in the test. I found Steve on You Tube and decided to take classes with him. He gave me tools,... Read More

MBA Pennsylvania University, USA

“Thanks for all your help Steve !!!! I am very happy with the results!”