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How to pass the TOEFL Speaking - Learn English with Steve Ford - Test Prep 20

Hello everybody! Here are tips for any student preparing for the TOEFL speaking section. Is it easy? Is it hard? Well, let's just say that it's taken me many years to find ways to help my students boost their score. My latest success story was helping a student get into an MBA program at MIT. So read on to find out how we can crack the TOEFL speaking!

Paraphrase the question to boost your score

Too often students fall into the habit of repeating back the question word for word. You'll definitely boost your score if you can find a way to put the question in your own words.

Beware of Verb Tenses

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the devil is in the details and when students are asked a question in a particular verb tense - as you will soon see in our lesson - you need to be on guard so as to use verb tenses along the same lines as the question.


You will hear in our lesson a student who has a relatively good level of fluency - but some issues with pronunciation - which went unchecked for an entire 13 TOEFL attempts before she contacted me. So let's cut to the chase and find out together how to crack the TOEFL speaking section!