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How to improve advanced English writing and speaking - Test Prep 21 - Learn English with Steve Ford

Hello and welcome to my newest English lesson: How to improve advanced English writing and speaking. This video is for anyone who's been studying English for a long time and needs to brush up on(review) incorrect habits they may or might have developed. 

Complex sentence structure: Where is the subject?

Whether you're doing a high-level academic test in English or you simply need to correct some bad speaking habits, learning how to confidently use more complex sentences is very important for anyone who wants to master the English language. The main difficulty non-native and even native speakers find is that they get lost when trying to determine more complex subjects or objects in any given sentence. I give some tips on how to sort this out in my lesson.

Is it a question or a regular sentence?

A day doesn't go by when I hear the following mistake made by quite a few of my students: I don't know where is she going. I explain in detail why this is wrong in the video and if you make the same mistake, don't worry as you are not alone!

A lesser-known complex way of writing

This last tip I give is based on years of teaching advanced English. Using "that" at the beginning of a sentence is more common in writing than speaking, nevertheless, it's important to know how to use it correctly and I explain this in my lesson.

Video Quiz

There is a short quiz near the end of my lesson. If you ended up getting all the questions right, congrats! If you make a few mistakes, don't worry as with a little bit of review, you too can become a master of the English language.