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How to Learn American Pronunciation - Peppy Pronunciation 16 with Steve Ford

Hello! Hello! Hello everybody! This American pronunciation lesson will help you to speak american English fluently like a pro!!!

To speak English naturally like a native speaker, it is very important to be able to know how to link words together. There are many words that when combined make new sounds, for example, d + j, t + y. So when you have would you it is spoken woul(j)ou, don't you is spoken don(ch)ou. There are many other examples which I use in my lesson.

Jack sounds like a pro!!!
Meet Jack, he is a professional guitar player. Jack sounds like a pro. Did you know native English speakers do not pronounce the "ck" in Jack? We actually say Ja, yes that's right Ja instead of Jack. There is another example in this sentence where a consonant is omitted: "sounds like a" which is more like, "soun(d)z lika".
Kate plays the guitar!!!
Meet Kate, Jack's daughter who also plays the guitar. Did you know we don't pronounce the "t" in Kate. We actually say it more like Kay. The "s" in plays also is pronounced with a "z" sound. So Kay playz the guiTAR.