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How to Learn American Accents - Peppy Pronunciation 14 with Steve Ford

Hello! Hello! Hello and welcome to a fun pronunciation lesson.


Many English language learners are not aware why they can't understand Americans in Hollywood movies. One of the reasons is that the t's are simply not pronounced. As you will see in my lesson there are many words such as "want" and "can't". Now this can get confusing for non-native speakers of English because they might not be able to understand if someone is saying they "can" or can't" do something. Watch my lesson to find out how to know the difference.


Now here is a word that everybody uses every day. Have you ever paid attention to the way native speakers of English in the U.S.A. and Canada use it? If you have, you will have noticed that when they say it really fast the t's totally disappear. In my lesson you will be able to hear the full, complete pronunciation of this word and then the way a native speaker pronounces it here in North America.


Many people who are not from the U.S.A. might get the impression from Hollywood movies and music that all Americans either talk like a Texan cowboy or a New York rapper. It's important to know that although these two kinds of accents exist, they are only two examples of a much longer list of accents from North America. One region of the United States which has many different kinds of accents is New York state, particularly New York city. I have been to New York and know from personal experience what some of these accents are like and in my lesson I share them with you.


 So if you want to know what the standard American pronunciation of "coffee" is in North America it is: c -ah-fee. So the "o" has an "ah" sound. However, when you go to New York, you can hear  many different kinds of ways of pronouncing this:


You really have to watch my lesson to hear the different ways these are pronounced. This pronunciation is typical in Brooklyn, the Bronx, New Jersey among others. If you go to New York and take a taxi or talk to someone in a restaurant, there is a strong chance someone will use this kind of pronunciation.


BE CAREFUL OF RURAL ACCENTS! This can be anywhere in North America, especially in smaller cities or towns. As I explain in my lesson, rural accents can be hard to understand because most of the consonants in the words are not pronounced. In my lesson I tell a story about an experience I had recently driving into the United States and you have to see it to believe it.