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improve your pronunciation in English - Peppy Pronunciation 13 with Steve Ford



A very difficult sound for learners of English to pronounce is the sound in words like: fool, school and tool. A very similar sound can be heard in the words: fuel and cruel. In my video lesson you will learn that it is easy to pronounce these two sounds if you can practice putting your tongue in the right place in your mouth. My method for learning these difficult sounds is also saying them using two different words.  For example, "fuel" could be pronounced "few + ol". Compare that to "fool" which is like "foo(d) + ol. I give another way of remembering how to pronounce these in the lesson.


I show different tongue positions when pronouncing many of the vowel sounds which are similar in English. Another important thing to pay attention to is how open or closed your mouth is when you are making these sounds. So for example, in the case of "fool", you need to "pucker" your lips. This means you need to tighten your lips in a circle as if you were going to give one of those more reserved kisses on the cheek to your grandmother. You really need to exaggerate the movements as I explain them in the video lesson to make sure your pronunciation is perfect!


There is definitely a lot going on when we try to pronounce similar sounding words like: chip vs. cheap, ship vs. sheep, chip vs. ship and cheap vs. sheep. So be careful of the "ch" sound vs. the "sh" sound. Another sound you can work on is the long "e" sound like in "sheep" and the short "i" sound like in "ship". Try to find words that all have the same sound to group them together. So, for example: ship, slip, dip and sheep, keep, deep. business meeting in a native English speaking country.