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How to improve your American pronunciation - Peppy Pronunciation 12 with Steve Ford



Hello! Hello! Hello! Here is a great brand new video I have made for any English learner who wants to avoid embarrassing pronunciation mistakes. There are many and I have shown some great examples in my video lesson.

Beach vs. Bitch

The short "i" sound in English has always been difficult for learners to pronounce. For example: eat vs. it, beat vs. bit. But sometimes this pronunciation mistake can be embarrassing when you say "shit" instead of "sheet" or "bitch" rather than "bitch". Does this happen to you? If so, i have provided an example of how this happens in our lesson and also I test you on it during the end part of the video. It's worth noting that sometimes "bitch" means prostitute, while at other times it is pejorative(BE CAREFUL USING IT) for a female who is being a pain in the neck.

Six vs. Sex

Once again we have two words that sound quite similar, but don't be fooled. It's the same difference as we saw in our first example and if you say "sex" instead of "six" someone might understand something totally different. So I can't stress enough the importance of getting the pronunciation of the two correct! I explain this in the context of a funny situation in our video lesson.

Focus vs. Fuck us

This difference in vowel sounds is the long "o" sound and the short "u" sound. If you say this the wrong way, you might end up landing yourself in a whole lot of trouble. In my lesson I give examples of other words with the long "o" sound so that you can master the pronunciation of "focus".

Decade vs. Dick Head

In American pronunciation, decade is pronounced with the short "e" sound as in "bed", "Ted", "fled". the second word is a HUGE and vulgar insult for men so be careful you are using the right pronunciation. Don't worry! Watch the lesson and you can make sure you are pronouncing that one correctly!





I hope you enjoyed my lesson and I look forward to seeing you all online