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How to improve your American pronunciation - Peppy Pronunciation 11 with Steve Ford


Hello! Hello! Hello! Here is my latest video on how you can polish your pronunciation in English. The focus of my lesson is on words that many of my students struggle with. Hopefully with my tips, we will all be able to speak just like native English speakers do!

Words Ending in "ase" and "ace"

Quite often non-native speakers get stuck when they try to figure out how to pronounce words like: purchase, necklace, and surface. The list of such words is lengthy and it is worth noting, as I mention in my lesson, how native speakers of English do not pronounce such endings with a long "a" sound. This of course goes against the rule that they try to teach English students: if you have a vowel followed by "e", the preceding vowel is long. That is sometimes true: fat vs. fate, mat vs. mate. However, you will learn how this can be different with some words which I discuss in the video.

Words Ending in "age"

Here is another word ending that does not necessarily follow the rule. I have lost count of the number of times my students will pronounce "average" with a long "a" sound. So we can say "age" with the long "a" sound, but as you will see in the video, this is not the case for the word "average.

Words Ending in "ate"

This word ending is another common pronunciation mistake for many non-native English speakers. I don't blame them and I want to tell you right now that if you are going to say the word "desperate", for example, you need to pronounce the ending as if it were "it" NOT "ate". I give other examples in my video lesson.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

I have included some practice phrases in my video lesson for each of the 3 groups of words previously mentioned. You will be able to see how I use words that take the long "a" sound and the short "i" sound to get a firm idea of the difference and hopefully this will help you on your way to speaking English like a native speaker.  

Well everybody, I hope you enjoyed my lesson and I look forward to seeing you all online