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Learn English with Steve Ford - American pronunciation tips

Hello everyone! This is my tenth pronunciation lesson based on my day-to-day experience teaching students all over the world. The most important thing is to keep it simple and you will be able to speak with an standard American accent very quickly. 

Words Ending in "ous"

One of the particulars of the American accent is the way words are pronounced ending with "ous". I hear a lot of non-native speakers who tend to pronounce "ous" in a totally different way. This is quite common for even advanced speakers of English which includes non-native English teachers. I go over a few ways on how you can polish this in my video lesson.

Words Ending in "t"

I have already done a few prior videos dealing with the pronunciation of "t" in American English. In daily speech, it's common to hear native speakers simply not use the "t" in certain words like "internet" and "can't". This of course drives students nuts since they never now when they should use "t" and when they shouldn't. With the examples i use in my lesson, you will know more words which don't use the "t".

Words Ending in "ion"

This is especially important for mastering the American accent since most non-native speakers are simply unaware of how words ending in "ion" are really pronounced. Let's take one word that my students always need help with: information. To get a full idea of how to pronounce this word, I am able to help my students immediately by spelling the word in the way that we say it: in for MAY shin. If you can develop this strategy too, you'll be able to remember this notation tip and avoid years of making the same mistake.