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How to learn American pronunciation - Peppy Pronunciation Lesson 9 with Steve Ford

Hello! Hello! Hello! Here is a video you will love to help you with tricky pronunciation in American English. One of the most common misconceptions English learners have is that pronunciation mistakes are not fixable. Well, I am here to tell you that with a few easy tips, you can clear up doubts about pronunciation that you may have had for a long time.

"an" vs. "en"

A pet peeve for pronunciation lessons is pan vs. pen, than vs. then, can vs. Ken etc. This is particularly a challenge for those learning American English as the "an" is pronounced differently to British English. 

Ken vs. can

Even for native speakers the name "Ken" and "can" are quite difficult to tell apart. In my lesson you will hear example sentences and I invite you to play the video in that part, several times to repeat and internalize the slight difference.

Try to exaggerate the sounds!

You are strongly encouraged to heavily exaggerate the two sounds taught in today's lesson.Try to be an actor and develop your American persona to effectively polish your pronunciation. I have found this technique of visualizing that I am a native speaker of the target language I want to master highly helpful! Don't knock it until you try it!

More music

I find myself pushing the boundaries of my lessons by showing my viewers all of the step-by-step work that goes into a 5 minute lesson: playing all of the instruments and writing/recording the music, shooting and editing the video. I am extremely happy to be able to make something memorable and exciting for all of you to learn! Enjoy the lesson!