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Learn English with Steve Ford - Business English Pronunciation 16

Hello everyone! Here is a video answering questions from two English learners from Turkey and Brazil regarding using contractions in different contexts of business English. I teach business English to professionals around the world and will be sharing some of my experience in this lesson

Gonna and Wanna

There is a fine line between formal and informal ways of speaking in American business English. It's always been part of American tradition to distance themselves from a rigid social class system to which they rebelled against during the American revolution of 1776. You will find out in my lesson if "gonna" and "wanna" would be appropriate during a job interview or in the workplace in general.

Using Contractions

Do you use contractions when you're speaking English? Things like: I'm, I'll, I've, I'd? Something I address in my lesson is how different people view contractions and what my opnion is regarding their use in day-to-day business English

Faking Accents

I deleted a scene from my lesson which is an experience I had. I remember going in for a job interview and halfway through, I was introduced to the foreign owner who wanted to make a point of showing off his rural Texan accent. He spoke with a southern drawl, you know: Howdy Steve, you’re gonna like workin’ for us. It was a mix of an Asian-Texan accent. His manager, who was interviewing me(a native speaker), was so obviously afraid of the owner, he didn’t have the guts to tell him that his accent was far from being standard American English.