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Learn English with Steve Ford - Peppy 25 - Time Travel 2

Hello! Hello! Hello Everybody! Here is my latest video about travelling in time. Only this time, we are travelling into the past. If you enjoyed our last video about travelling to the future to see what kind of crazy technology we will be using for communication, food and entertainment, you are going to love this one. However, even with all of the mind bending technology we now have and are soon to have, there is nothing that can replace human genius. I’ve done quite a bit of research on how geniuses come up with their inventions and masterpieces and more than often they have said that they come from a moment of inspiration.

Leonardo Da Vinci

In Peppy 25 you will be able to hear things “straight from the horses mouth”(directly) about what Da Vinci was working on back in the 15th and 16th century. This man was a “polymath”(expert in many fields)  and his few pieces of artwork are true gems. It’s no coincidence that a man whose painting the Mona Lisa, which was painted hundreds of years ago, is part of pop culture. This painting has been featured in everything from TV commercials, products and posters. But Da Vinci was not just a painter, he was also an inventor as we will see in the video.


The da Vinci Code and the Dark Guard

The dark guard was very aware of Da Vinci’s genius. His ideas were revolutionary for the time and it’s not a coincidence that he wrote backwards so that his ideas could not be investigated easily. If you have a chance to read Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code, you will understand there is a strong chance that Mr. Da Vinci was working on two separate levels with what he was trying to say with his paintings. Analysts of his drawings and paintings have proposed that there is a great deal of advanced geometry and mathematics involved. Regardless of whichever theory, the more you look at some of Da Vinci’s paintings, the more you will see the depth of his work.

  Prepositions of Location

One of the main focuses in the end part lesson of my video deals with prepositions that you might have always been in doubt about. I have also used them with modifiers just as native speakers do so that should be a huge help in regard to how you can use them in a natural way. Even very advanced English students find prepositions to be a pain in the neck. If you have problems with them too, don’t worry as everyone’s in the same boat!


Phrasal Verbs, Idioms, Vocab.

You are going to learn a load of new English in this video and because there is so much, I have posted definitions throughout the video. I suggest you keep note and watch the video once for entertainment purposes and a second time try to write down as many as you can and put them into practice when you’re speaking. At the end of the video, I try to highlight the English that I liked most in the video.


The Subjunctive

Over the past 20 years I’ve noticed that English teachers shy away from(avoid) teaching the subjunctive because it’s hard to explain. Watch out for a part in the video where I show how the subjunctive is used by the ship’s captain and the explanation in writing that I give for it. Keep in my mind that the subjunctive is a more formal verb tense and is often used by professionals who are “the voice of authority”. Some examples of the subjunctive would be:

We suggest that she rest for the next few days.

We recommend that he take two aspirins tonight.

Notice how the third person singular does NOT take an “s”


Steve’s Music

In Peppy 25 I have included instrumentals of my own music. In particular watch out for an instrumental I played on classical guitar called “Medieval Dance”. I wrote this piece many years back and after receiving classical guitar training, I tried to make it sound as Medieval/Renaissance as possible. There is a short trumpet instrumental when Peppy Spaceship crew arrive in Florence, Italy. I have no idea where I got the idea for the “Leonardo Da Vinci” song. I came up with it strumming away on my guitar and then I proceeded to record guitar, bass and vocals. It took me a good two days to do. :)

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Fun Vocab. Quiz!

Learn English with Steve Ford - Peppy 24 - Time Travel - A Possible Future

Peppy 24 - Time Travel - A Possible Future

Hello! Hello! Hello Peppy Club Members! Have you ever thought about what the future will be like, say twenty years from now?
Well it's time to think about it because the future is coming faster than you think. And why not, we have seen so many technological changes in the past 30 years. Each decade seems to bring us more surprises so I have made this video to get you thinking about the near future, or at least a possible future. You will find many English learning topics in this video. Some to focus on are: time idioms, phrasal verbs and grammar. Please note that some of the expressions are marked informal while others are more formal so that you can have a good mix of formality in English. I recommend you keep a notepad to type or write down all of the new things from the video which you will be able to use in your day-to-day conversation in English. If you have any questions, feel free to post on my Youtube video and I will be more than happy to answer.

Enjoy the video!


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