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This week I have a great question from an online English learner from Brazil about: although, even though and though. When you first learn how to use these words in an English course, they may seem easy, but as you will learn after watching my lesson this is not always the case. There are small differences between all three and I would like you to think of the three of them as brothers with differences and similarities. So the first two brothers are virtually twins: although and even though. As you can see from the picture below, these two brothers look and act almost the same. However, even though is a little more “emphatic”. There is a sample dialogue in my lesson to give you a better idea.

Now we move onto the youngest brother: though. It’s already difficult for English learners to pronounce this word. Now we have to learn the many ways this youngest brother works. You see “though” for many years has been considered to be informal and incorrect in writing. However, this is now changing and “though” is being used more and more in writing and speaking to mean the same thing as “although” and “even though”. Now remembering that “though” is the youngest brother, he tends to be a rebel and does things that others would never expect. You will find out in my lesson how much “though” is used in different ways in English.