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Learn English Live 32 | English-Vocabulary verbs | come-go | remember-remind | bring-take


Learn English vocabulary in this new fun and free lesson and do the free quiz!


Come vs. Go, Come back vs. Go back

Everybody learns "come" and "go" at the beginning of their English studies. However, Using come and go can be tricky.  In my lesson, you will have a very clear understanding of the difference between the two.  In short, using the verb correctly depends on where you are and the person who is asking the question.


Remember vs. Remind

Is it correct to say can you remember me about the meeting or should you say can you remind me about the meeting?
The important thing to remember is that "remember" is something that you do buy yourself and "remind" is something that other people do
to help others remember.  If you need more practice please watch my lesson and enjoy the two dialogs using remind and remember.


Bring vs. Take

For bring, we ask people to bring things to the place where we are i.e. in relation to a destination. However, we take things to the place to which we are going. We take them from the place where we are to another place. Take is used in relation to a starting point. Many English learners confuse these two verbs when speaking in English and I hope the examples in my video lesson can make it easier to understand the difference.

Borrow vs. Lend

Lend means ‘give something to someone for a short time, expecting that you will get it back’. However, borrow means to ‘get something from someone, intending to give it back after a short time’.