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Learn English Speaking American Pronunciation Lesson 8 with Steve Ford

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Hello! Hello! Hello everybody! I know that many of you sometimes have problems pronouncing certain words and today's lesson will help you understand the differences between: bear vs. beer and beard vs. bird.

Bear? Beer?

A lot of my students have difficulties pronouncing these two words and it could be embarrassing going to a restaurant ordering the wrong one. As I say in my lesson, the first one, bear, has the same vowel sound as in the words "bet" or "bed". The vowel sound is a little more difficult in the case of "bear" because of the "r" at the end. Please watch my video lesson as I show the correct tongue position to make sure you will be able to pronounce these perfectly. Then we have the word "beer" which has the same vowel sound as "bee" or "see". Hopefuly you can now avoid ordering a "bear" in a restaurant or saying that you saw a big "beer" in the forest.

Beard? Bird?

So here is another pair of words a lot fo English learners find difficult to pronounce: beard and bird especially "beard". So if you can say "beer", then all you need to do is add a "d" to the end: beer + d = beard. I realize that spelling rules and pronunciation in English are crazy,