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Hello everybody! Here is an English lesson to help you describe  different kinds of party guests. There are so many so here is a summary of all of them:



A Party Pooper

This is the kind of guest you want to avoid at all cost because he/she always has something negative to say and enjoys making people as sad and miserable as he/she is. This is the person that loves to spoil the party.



A Flirt


A flirt is another common guests you can find at parties -especially as the night progresses. A flirt will often "hit on" or "make a pass at" the other guests. Both of these mean they will make sexual advances on other people.   


A Needy or Clingy Guest


Someone who is needy is someone who needs attention and emotional support from others. There need is so great that they want to be with you all of the time and they will never leave you alone. 



A Social Butterfly


A social butterfly is a guest which many hosts enjoy having at their party because they make things more lively. This is the kind of guest who goes from guest to guest to say hi and then moves on to the next guest.



A Party Crasher


Have you ever had a guest come to your part, but you had never invited? Yes, this is what we call a party crasher and they can be inconvenient because can make your other guests feel uncomfortable being around a total stranger. usually the party crasher is looking for free food and drinks and an overall good time. 



A wallflower

A wallflower is quite the opposite of a social butterfly. This is the kind of guest who is extremely shy and prefers to stand in a safe place - perhaps standing against a wall - for the entire duration of the party. Luckily wallflowers now have smartphones to look at so they can at least look like.