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Calling in sick to work

No doubt, a lot of us have thought about calling in sick to work at one time or another.  Sometimes we may just feel too tired, too bored or too depressed.
Whichever the reason is, this guilty pleasure ranks as one of the most popular and includes people staying at home lounging around and pigging out on comfort food.


Crying during a movie

There are some movies that are so moving, touching, emotional that they can bring us to tears.  Now the big question is whether a man could cry during a movie.  There is an old expression and English that boys don't cry, however, nowadays the modern man could be found crying during an emotional movie.  This is no doubt a big guilty pleasure especially for men.



Singing uncool music in the shower

It goes without saying that there is a lot of music which some people would not be caught dead singing in public.  This is why singing on cool music in the shower is such a guilty pleasure.  It allows people to saying and banks without being judged or laughed by society.


Reading trashy magazines


Although a lot of people would not like to admit it, reading trashy magazines can be a guilty pleasure and a secret pastime.  Trashy magazines are full of gossip about the Hollywood stars that so many of us know and want to know more about.  Most often the pictures in such magazines are almost as important as the articles themselves. Well everybody, there are many more guilty pleasures which I mentioned in my video lesson and I hope you can watch it to learn some excellent English vocabulary.  I have created a freak way is for you to see how much vocabulary you have learned from my lesson.  Good luck!