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Hello! Hello! Hello everybody! Here is a SUPER! FANTASTIC! English lesson to learn how speak like a native! Don't miss the premier @ 1:30 p..m. EST... Show more

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Attachment Hello! Hello! Hello everybody!😀 Come join me Sunday, Jan. 13 @ 1:30 p.m. EST for a wonderful English speaking lesson! 😉

Hello! Hello! Hello everybody! Your English teacher has been working very hard to make some fantastic lessons for you. You are invited to join me... Show more

Hello! Hello! Hello everybody! You are invited to my next LIVE English lesson Wednesday November 28th at 2 p.m. NYC time

Hello Everybody! A lot of people have asked me for an English lesson with expressions we use at work. Here it is and there is as always a free... Show more

Hello! Hello! Hello everybody! Here is a new free quiz for one of my new and fun pronunciation lessons
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Hello! Hello! Hello everybody! Here is a SUPER pronunciation lesson and a FREE quiz!…

Hello! Hello! Hello! Here is a new quiz to help you remember the parts of the body!…

Hello Everybody! Here is a free quiz for you on my English lesson about Canada…

Hello everybody! Try this new free pronunciation quiz:…

Hello, everyone! Greetings from Germany where I´ve been living for many years now. I wish you a nice day!

Carlos Ampie Loria Hello,Pijitra Toamnat! I hope, all things are going well. Where do you live? 2 years ago

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In case you missed it, here is a free English quiz for yesterday's lesson!…

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