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    send a recording of your question, Steve will answer it in his next Learn English Live Video! Please remember to say your name and country!


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    Learn English with Steve Ford – TOEFL Listening Lesson 15

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    click here for vocabulary quiz

    review used to and would

    review those tongue idioms

    review those head idioms

    Get ready for mouth idioms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Review the idioms

    last week’s show on my Youtube channel

    Welcome to the new Peppy Club! Mrs Ford ( Leda) and I hope that you are enjoying our most recent video Parallel 1. On our community, you can find many other videos, podcasts (Peppy Radio) and practice activities. We have installed a live chat for free and you can always search for your friends in the members section of the site. We hope you enjoy yourselves here. I have worked very hard by myself to get many of the options of this site working and I hope you can enjoy yourself while I get things up and fully operational.



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    Here are the rules to make sure everybody can benefit from this community:

    1. profanity or pornographic content
    This counts for post titles or forum titles, i.e. words like F**CK, A*SH*LE etc. = forum,discussion deleted or possibly ban
    Men going around PeppyClub looking for online sex= ban
    2. spamming, advertising pirated games and software
    This is a private community so a member caught trying to advertise and sell to the rest of the community without authorisation = ban
    3. Asking for too much:
    ” Can you translate this one or two page text for me? “, “Can you write my essay?”= topic or forum deleted
    4. answer the question related to the forum topic:
    If the topic is about pets and you start asking questions about how to invest your money= deleted comment
    5. politics and religion
    Any discussions started about politics and religion= topic or discussion deleted

    Thanks! The PeppyClub Team


    175 Responses to “Welcome to Peppy Club”

    1. Funny song!
      Steve! You are a great teacher. Thank you for your job.
      But I wonder why the flag of my country isn’t in your video. I am from Belarus. Maybe I am alone from this country?….. Anyway I am a memeber of PeppyClub…. I am here…
      Thank you!

    2. hi there!

    3. Hi! Steve, I think your lecture is more useful for English learner.Thanks for your grate effort.I am very pleased to become a member of your community.

    4. Hellow everybody can help me at english language please and Iwant make friends.

    5. HI:
      I`m from Chile south-america, congratulations for your english material, I hope to grow from now on.

    6. Hello hello!! I´m from Argentina and I´m so glad to be a part of this comunity. All videos are excellent. Congratulations!!

    7. Hi Steve, I’m from Brazil and your videos are helping me a lot.

    8. hello everybody…thanks so much

    9. helo helo helo my new teacher you know today i am very happy becuse i became your club member to learn english,my name is Asadullah i am from pakistan,i hope i will learn toomuch from your lessons,take care bye bye

    10. Hi! I’m from Viet Nam. Now I’m a student, I am very happy to enjoy the community. I hope I can receive lots of your helps. Thanks so much!

    11. Congratulations! I adore all videos! I’m very happy, because I found a way to learn english! THANKYOUUUUU!
      Oh, I’m from BRAZIL. I saw your videos talking about COPACABANA. Very good! I’m from São Paulo.

    12. Hello everyone. I am from VietNam
      Today is my lucky day.
      Because i know Mr Steve from Youtbe website.
      Video of Ms Steve teaches English is very interesting , Thank you so much

    13. Helo everybody,this is the only site where i can develop and learn english properly.Thank you and more power to sir steve and maam leda,you both are so amazing and brilliant….

    14. Thank you so much sir,, i’ve learned a lot each day of watching your videos… it’s very interesting,educational,and fun to learn English,, thank you so much sir for activating my account,, God bless you more and more!

    15. While I was searching for Ielts tips, I fortunately found lectures of Mr Steve Ford.What’s wonderful and helpful. I have found motivation and interest in all of his lectures. I am sure about that although I have’t enough time to watch all video :) I hope that through his lectures and this website, my English will be upgraded rapidly, especially Speaking and Listening. Good luck to Mr Steve and all members

    16. It is nice to access PEP for studying English at the free time.
      I appreciate so much for Mr. Steve Ford efforts in building this website. Your lectures are very interesting and surely useful for our English improvement.
      Good luck all you guys and besh ragards

    17. hi hi nice to meet every body over ther

    18. hi I am from Romania and I hope I improve my English.
      good luck all you
      best regards

    19. Firstly, I like to thank Mr. Ford for the great job.

      Secondly, anyone has any ideas why I can’t open the “What is my level?” quiz link?

    20. Hi,

      I have taken the quiz offline until our webmasters can fix it.

      The Peppy Club team

    21. Hi, Mr.Steve

      Let me thank Mrs. Leda and you for interesting and terrific epsiode PEPPY 28 last week.I enjoyed a lot.

      This is srinivas from India and a prospective aspirant for canada PR. 1st stage documentation completed and sent last week. Anticipating file No.for Immigration under FSW – Canada. I need to submit IELTS score of 7.5 and above to meet the points. Preparation is under way and planning to take IELTS test in June,10. Please let me know how to prepare 4 modules seriously.Especially, Writing and Speaking modules while Listening and reading are improved considerably.

      Looking forward…

      Srinivas Yanamandra

    22. hay steve,the way you speak english is awesome
      it can be understood very easily….
      anyways i am very happy to be the member of peppy club and looking forward to learning alot of english….

    23. Hello dear Steves. I´m from Brazil and I would like to say that your PEPPY Club it´s really fantastic. And I`ve been learned a lot in it. Thanks for all and congrats.

    24. hi i am going to take a IBT TOEFl in 16th of may. i understand what people say. but i cant spreak. i dont know how to tell my opinion. please help me

    25. can you help me ace toefl please

    26. i’m very happy because i know this website and Mr Steve Ford

    27. Thank you very much Mr. Ford . I need to practice the English all the time because it is my passion.

    28. it is the first time i’ve joined a wonderful community like this. Thank you very much, Mr Steve

    29. Hi Steve.
      your videos are fantastic, great job.
      it’s an honnor to be a member of this community.

    30. hi.
      i am abdifatah from Somali
      u did good job thnks

    31. Hi Steve,
      I’m tracy from Macau.
      It’s amazing and fantastic of the viedos you made! All the phrasal verbs were put into songs and a funny catchy story, It’s really convenient for us to reciting and learning writing skills. Thankyou very much!! :D

    32. Hi, Ï´m a new student, I hope find a new friens can helpme.

    33. Hi Steve,

      My name is Sambo Sdok from Cambodia which is 11:09 am here.

      I’m very interested in your pepy video on youtube and it helps me a lot to learn English. I hope to have more friend in Pepy club to help me.


    34. Steve,

      Would you mind adding some points related to the use of past simple and past perfect with explanation to Test Prep – 14? I’m still confusing why we have to use past perfect instead of past simple if both of them also talk about completed event.

      Have a nice weekend.


    35. Hello, Steve!

      How are you doing?
      I’m pretty fine. I’d like to say that your videos are very helpful. My English is getting better and better as long as I started watching them. Thank you for your wonderful work on them. I’m Brazilian and I’m learning English to be able to communicate with the whole world and to become an English Teacher here in Brazil.

      Thank you very much for your attention.

      Bye Bye.

      Carlos Eduardo.

    36. Hi,
      hello every body. hope we have good time with each other during learning English class.

    37. Hello, Good to see you again. I hope everyone will be happy for learning English.

    38. hello. I am Giang, I comes from Vietnam. i want to lear English to mypeppy.com
      I hope everyone learning English to me

    39. Hi, Mr. Steve. I have a problem with the phrase ” tobe bored up with”. is this right? or “tobe bored with” or “tobe bored up” only? I wonder…. I need your help, please. Thank you very much.

    40. hi,ı come from Turkey and ı have to take toefl for my education..ı hope this site will provide benefit for us:)

    41. hello every beady I wont to learn English and I wont Mr Steve to helps my .Thank you

    42. My favourite video was peppy 28: the funny honeymoon!!
      That was amazing, I’m waiting for the second part.
      When you make the second part of peppy 28: The funny honeymoon?????
      Please answer this question

    43. Hello to everyone! I have just became a member of this community. I’m glad to be here. :)

    44. Hello to everyone!
      I have just become a member of this Social Community of English and I am very glad to be here and let me give thanks for all your hard work that you show us every day. I hope everything is going well with you and your great team.
      Ok best regards

      Milton B.

    45. Hello,

      Thanks for sharing and teaching your knowledge, I need to improve my English level. I feel with luck to find out this website. Thanks to Youtube :) .

      Once again, Thanks and Congratulations for your dedication on teaching English. Great material that you share to us.

      Does somebody want to practice English with me? I would really appreciate your help. Find me through Skype (dark_z).

      Regards from Bolivia.

    46. hi to every peppy club member. im ur new friend im quite exicited to know about peppy club friends i will wait for ur chat and other contacts and im glad to be here bye

    47. i’m hung. i am from viet nam. i learning english because i love it. it’s only reason

    48. Hi there… what’s up.. i love you All. I just want to keep in touch with you..

      Thanks Mr.Steve You’re great.. I like your help that have made the good video.

    49. i’m Ali. i’m from finland i want to learn english

    50. Hello,
      I am Bipul from a beautiful country Nepal. I love english and particulary I am happy to join this forum, which I hope will help me improve my english to get good marks in ielts test.

      Best regards

    51. Hello everybody:

      my name is jorge, i´m from Colima, Mexico an I would be glad if you can help me on my english.


    52. hey , thank you for this vidoes
      my english is very bad
      i wanna ask you what the is different between verb to be and verb to have

      sorry for my Mistake
      please help me

    53. I want to speak with anyone in English

    54. Hi, everybody!
      I´m Cris from Brazil!
      I have just one thing to say:
      - This website is fantastic! The best one when talking about learning English!
      Thank you a lot, Mr Steve!

    55. hello Sir..
      its great to meet u online…
      I ve just now joind your community.
      hope will be able to learn english very soon..
      Paromita from India

    56. hello everyone,

      im eve from philippines.

      thanks for this kind of club i thought english

    57. Hello!
      I`m Reginaldo and I`m from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.
      I hope improve my english level with you.

    58. hi friends im KAMLESH CHOUDHARY from india im also preparation of IELTS exam so i would like chat with ANYONE WHO inhance our english if anybody talking to me please send me friend request…
      i have gmail or yahoo id like k_karwasra@yahoo.com and gmail id is… rajatlove4you@gmail.com as well as you can also come on skype and you can search through BY yahoo id….. k_karwasra@yahoo.com. i hope that you will send me your id bye bye good luck for all of you bye bye take care everbody and thanks

    59. Hello everybody!
      My name is Duy,I come from Viet Nam
      i am not listen to English well. so i hope i improve my listening skill from wedsite

    60. 我来自中国

    61. haaai Iam ragad from saudi arabia i hope accept me

    62. hello every body iam a new student i want to learn english and i need the help of you. thanks for you

    63. Haiiiiii….I am Erika from Indonesia…I hope can improve my english and pass my IELTS score with score 7….
      gud luck….(@i@)

    64. Hello everyone ! , i’m from Viet Nam
      My full name Unity Lin
      I like making friends and want to improve my English

    65. ok

    66. i like very much u face expression and other activities

    67. hi

    68. Thank you very much ,Mr steve .good luck to you.


    70. Hello Mr Steve and all of you…
      I am a Vietnamese student. I love your teaching. I hope that learn more things from you and will improve my English skills.

      Have a great day!

    71. A lot of thanks you. you accepted me as the member of private english portal. and special thanks to Sir Steve who is running this program. I have craz to learn speaking english because now a days it is necessary and helpfull to communicate.

    72. Hi, Mr. Steve

      I am very very happy and lucky to know you.
      Hopefully my English is increasingly better improvement.

    73. Hi Steve
      i am from Pakistan and i am English conversation teacher, your work really helped me.and my students took advantages from your material please do provide me conversation material.

    74. hello
      Mr ford thank you for this great learn way
      I’m jawad from morocco .
      you are gorgeous

    75. everybody go ahead yayyy!!! BIG THANKS to STEVE straight from India.

    76. hi this video was very useful for me . Thank you Mr Steve

    77. Hi ! I love this website !!

    78. Hi i am from usa.But i have lived here 5 years ago.I came to USA from vietnam.I am happy to know every body.

    79. thank you Steve you are helping a lot of student like me who is studying English. thanks for your knowledge in sharing to us.. May Almighty Bless you always… big big thanks from Philippines..^_^


    81. Hi,Steve. You are so kind.I am trying my best to learn English.I’m enjoying what you doing here.

    82. If have chance, i am willing to teach you mandarin.I’m a chinese from Malaysia.

    83. I am lucky i found your site. i know i will learn more.

    84. Is there a way how to talk on skype ?

    85. hi to all can someone help to me to enhance my english pls im from philippines

    86. here’s my email please help me

    87. Cara adorei seu trabalho mais me pergunto, você esta ganhando oque ?
      Man I loved your work the more I wonder, are you getting what?

    88. Keep doing the prnunciation videos please, Mr.Ford, they are really useful, although I am still confused which one to use when both of them are correct :)

    89. will do!!!!!!! Glad to see you again Aniiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!

    90. hellow every body.

      is any body have an idea from where i can find the answers of the first video (Listening Lesson 15)

      all the best

    91. Hi, Ï´m a new student, I hope find a new friens can helpme

    92. There is just 1 month to get ready 4 taking a very important exam in Turkey. N’ I’m going to start study English from Peppy Club :) Thanks 4 this awesome web site Steve!!

    93. iam new student i want learn english

      i need advice about it

    94. Hi Steve
      i am Sultan from Pakistan and this video was very useful for me thank you teacher.

    95. Hi,Mr Steve.
      Am very grateful for your English lessons,am sitting for ielts exam comes this January with your help i will pass with frying co lours thank you so much.

    96. Hi, i’m very happy when i can know how to meet other people in the world! and nice to make friend with anybody…………..

    97. Hello.
      I am just coming.
      And here I hoping learn English well.

    98. Hello, hello, hello Steve Ford and members from pepy club. My name´s jonathan and today we´re going to be talking about….. :) :) :)

      I´m really happy to be here !
      merry christmas everyone out there.

      Jonathan Ñañez, Colombia

    99. thanx a lot

    100. Hi Mr Ford . Thank you for your presentation

    101. Hello Hello Hello !

      I would like to thank you Mr ford for all effort what you have been doing up to now .

      it is wonderful and interesting lessons especially idioms .

      your presentations with examples and pictures you put in the clips are very powerful.

      thank you and i look forward to seeing the next videos

    102. hello to everybody….

    103. hello

    104. is aanyone here?

    105. My name is mousa from KSA.I just wanted to say thank you so much for the effort.You really have been very helpful.
      keep it up

    106. hi teacher iam nasser iam from Yemen i want to ask you when should i use in , ago , before, after

    107. hello everyone I am now new member

    108. yeah im here nika

    109. hello, hello hello and welcome steve i’m samar from egypt ilike your videos on youtube very much and i’m very glad to be one of the members of peppy club

    110. dear, your website is awesome..but i am planning to do ielts,,,,please help me…thanks,,,

    111. Hello stev

      I am from Saudi Arabia I know little of the language. Wright clip from the video in YouTube much impressed by your
      I hope to be home to a light shadow upon you and learn from you

      Accepted greeting


    112. Hello

      Steve, My Name is Luis From Colombia, your web page is great, I hope I can improve My englisg watching you videos.

      Thanks a lot

    113. Hello Hello Hello! My name is Shee and I from Phillipines. I really like your website! Thank you you for making an effort to help us learn English! More power Mr. Steve! God Bless!

    114. Hi Steve… My name’s Aline from Brazil.
      I’m so glad to learn English… I’ve watched your videos and they’re fantastic!

      God bless you a lot!!!

      And please… don’t stop!!! :)

    115. You are a very great teacher!
      Im a new member here and Im already fond of all the videos and great subjects!
      Thank you !

    116. I neeed to go on conversation to improve my language,can any one help me to do that?

    117. Hello Master,thanks for all your videos,they are incredibly good and useful.
      wish you and your family health and success

    118. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii every body
      and thank you

    119. hi dear every one….m new to this group…hope talented people will help me in improving my English…..heheheh….hope so

    120. hiiiiiiiiii every one I want practice with everybody

    121. hi every body
      I am enjoying with message only why used the other ways skype and the email
      goooooooooood by

    122. Habib

      Sir I am new student of you but i don’t know about your learning method sir how start this learning.

    123. Hello Steve! My name´s Bernardo. I´m from Brazil. Rio de Janeiro.

    124. Hello everybody! :D How are you?

    125. hello
      i need speak with you
      chat with my skype abubakry7
      my msn bakrihassan121@hotmail.com

    126. we hope to do agroup in skype and determined once in a week or two

    127. hello every body i hope you have agood time

    128. Hell:) Hell:) Hell:)

      Thanks for great effort.
      I am pretty pleased to become a member of your community.
      I learn English here properly.

      My messenger polathan7428@hotmail.com

      Take care !

    129. Hello Mr.Steve (my new teacher) and everyone
      I am a new comer, from Vietnam. I love English to be able to communicate with all friends in the world. I am very pleasure to join this club that is informative for someone who love and want to improve English language like me.
      Thank Teacher Steve very much for the useful English programme. I love it.Have a great week!

      Take care.

      Best wishes,

      Phuong Tran

    130. helo mr steve ford you are very good teacher.i am thankful to you for useful english videos programme that very helpful for me to improving my english. and i want to chat others group members please join me on skype id. nadeem.hanif988 .and my msn id.. nadeem_hanif87@hotmail.com

    131. Hello Mr.Steve,
      It has been a pleasure watching ur videos and learning good vocab words and idioms from them. I really learned alot than i could even imagine learning at school. It was really nice of u to do online courses to help people all around the word to learn english. I truly thank you! I wish u good luck in the future and i hope u continue making such wonderful videos to benefit people around the globe.

      Taleya Zinnea…..:)

    132. hi everyone i am a new here. i really wanted to be a good English speaker and writer. could anyone willing to help me it could be really thankful.

    133. Hello people
      I’m from Brazil – Mogi das Cruzes
      I need to speak, read and write english very well.Can you help me please?
      I like very much this language.

    134. Hello,

      I´m Eduardo, from Portugal. I´m learning inglish because i need in my job. I would like to talk whith people from another contries,


    135. Hello Mr. Steve! I’d like to thank you for your efforts in helping us to make our dream comes through that is learning English effectively!

      Please! Keep it up doing this great job!

      Oh, I couldn’t find the answers for the video: TOEFL Listening Lesson 15. Could help me to find them please?

      Thanks again and congratulations

    136. [...] Parallel 1 em HD (high definition) – é só se inscrever gratuitamente no site do Steve: Private English Portal. Filed Under: Inglês em [...]

    137. Hello Leda and Steve Ford,

      You both are a fantastic team!
      Thanks a lot to whole team for such a wonderful video contest.

    138. Hello teacher :)

      I’m new student here so plz tell me from where I can start ,,thnx alot

    139. really good. Mr. Steve ford, is the better…

    140. hello mr.steve, i’m from indonesia, i wish can speak english well, cz study english is so hard for me ..

    141. hello Steve how r u ? I am Noora from Jordan I hope u help me to speak english very well
      thank u a lot ^ـــ^

    142. Happy Holiday Steve.

    143. Hi steve,thanks for making member of your community.i am from india and want to take adwantage of your amaging lessons to improve my speaking skills.good luck

    144. thanks for lessons

    145. Hi, Mr. Steve! So luckily that I found you on Youtube. And I’m really interesting in the way you’re teaching us! So, I want to become your student from now on. Nice to see you!

    146. Oops, Fogive me that I forgot gave you a big Thank for your lessons! :D

    147. Hello Steve! Thank you very much! You are great!
      I’m very happy… Nice to find you!
      God bless you!!
      Strong hug – see you!

    148. as you say hello hello hello :hi Steve aim very enjoying with your lessons my appreciate to you i think this is good idea to teach English thank you so mach IBRAHIM from Sudan

    149. hi im shakeel

    150. This is fantastic lesson. Everytime I learn a lot.In fact the English language is very important around the world.
      Thank you very much.

    151. sir i want to make my english professional….i want your help please

    152. thank u mr Steve, u r are awesome

    153. Thanks for your comment!

      Have a great day!


    154. Hello Steve!!

      Your website Is really really good.



      I’m living in Rome now, but, ever seeing your videos..it’s so fantastic.

      Bye bye!!

    155. English is fun! And I love English, I also love the way that Mr.Steve & Mrs.Steve teach us :D I’m refugee and I’m living in Thailand for safety and be protected by UNHCR. I want to learn English because I wish about new life in a safe country & fredom where they use English. And I want to use English like my mother’s language :D Thanks for your help again and over again!

    156. Hello, Hello, Hello. Welcome to PrivateEnglishPortal.Com. And my name is Huy, I’m from Vietnam! Thanks for your lessons, Mr. Steve and Mrs.Steve! I want to know, to ask you about “be”, “being”,”to be”. I appreciate if you can teach us some examples about that! Thank you!

    157. hello guys, nice to meet you, i wish you succesfuls : )

    158. Please Watch this video


    159. hi to everybody. i am a new member. Mr. Ford, thank you for your videos. they really help to me at studding english.

    160. hello hello hello everybody,my name Quynh ,from vietname,i’m a new member.i want to speak english fluency.at the moment my english very bad.pleased help me improve english about speaking,listening and writing.
      thank Mr Ford.your video help me to improve english.
      i want to make some friends all the world and i want to practice english with everybody.

    161. today start to study english, i’ll do my best

    162. welcome everybody.i am ready to be a hard working member

    163. Hi everybody, I’m Luan. I’m come from Viet Nam. I’m very happy to see that there are many Vietnamese in our club. I want to talk with all people. And i hope that all of you will help me to improve my poor English. Thank you!

    164. Hi Luan, Me too!

    165. Thank you very much Mr. Steve.
      I am learning more interesting topics with you .anyway I need to learn a good conversation and right writing.
      Thanks alot again.

    166. [...] If you have a question you’d like to ask Steve, feel free to do so via his Private English Portal page! [...]

    167. hello.hello.hello..i’m from morocco.thank you for your videos. they really help me to studdy english.

    168. Hello Hello Hello,

      I am learning English as second language. In October 2009, while I was searching for free online English lesson I came up with Steve Ford English lessons. I was so glad for finding the lessons for free. In addition, I found the lessons so valuable. I watched most of his English lesson series. After watching some of his lessons, I was realizing that my English was improving. I missed his lessons for more than two years specially lessons which were prepared in 2010,2011 and 2012. Today, I joined this community to enjoy Steve’s English lessons and to share English learning experience. Steve’s English lessons are educational and at the same time entertaining. Watching his videos is really a fun experience. If you remember peppy 28, it is more than English lesson. Hope you all enjoyed the lessons.

    169. thank you for useful lessons

    170. contact via skype to improve our speaking skills dehakaptan

    171. hello

    172. the TOEFL ITP test is easy.
      i have been accepted to a university.

      now, my concentration is on the TOEFL IBT

    173. hey great teacher , you know a won’t able to thank you enough for your efforts . absolutly i like your method of teaching

      thank you again

      smail from algeria

    174. hey great teacher , you know i won’t able to thank you enough for your efforts . absolutly i like your method of teaching

      thank you again

      smail from algeria

    175. Hey Steve I am really happy to found this PEP and you are very good teacher.
      Thank you.

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